Abundaculture is a word coined to describe God’s pathway to abundance.

 Abundacultre is an integrated system that allows a child of God, in dependence upon the Holy Spirit, to access God’s abundance in providing energy, housing, clean water, good food, and sanitary living conditions for himself and to share with others.

Abundaculture does not advocate self-sufficiency or sustainability. God directs His people to depend upon Him and upon each other. We embrace God’s all-sufficiency. “He is our source of everything and in Him we find increase.” –Farming God’s Way

Abundaculture is an amalgamation of ideas collected over four decades. Due  credit is given to the following pioneers:

Brad OldreiveFarming God’s Way

Don RichardsEnvironment and Resource Stewardship

Michael ReynoldsEarthships

Brad LancasterRainwater Harvesting

Bill MollisonPermaculture

. . . and to those homesteaders who search for a better way and who are willing to share their ideas.

Mission Statement

True abundance occurs when God’s people, in obedience and dependence on Him, take care of His creation with wisdom and diligence and are blessed with more than enough, enabling them to share with others and to bring glory to the creator God. Without faith in Jesus, the creator of the universe, and help from the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to understand and implement God’s directives that lead to abundance.

Biblical Principles Concerning Abundance

PRINCIPLE ONE: Abundance is a manifestation of God’s character and a part of God’s creation.

PRINCIPLE TWO: God commissioned men to take care of the garden. We are stewards of God's creation and He holds us responsible.

PRINCIPLE THREE: God provides everything needed for abundance.

PRINCIPLE FOUR: God designed cycles and processes so that abundance would always be available to man.

PRINCIPLE FIVE: God expects His people to share their abundance. The abundance we experience will be in direct proportion to our generosity.

PRINCIPLE SIX: God, through His Word, provides wisdom and  guidance that leads to abundance.

PRINCIPLE SEVEN: Only God will, in His time, restore the earth to its full glory. We are to be faithful stewards, working toward restoration until He returns.




How Did Abundaculture Begin?

The Original NOAH PROJECT pdf

Read the original story in The NOAH PROJCT, the original version. Free pdf download below. Click on the image.

Jack and Marilou Dody live on a homestead on the plains of Colorado, within sight of Pikes Peak. Jack has been designing and building “alternative” housing since the late sixties. His workbook entitled The Noah Project gives the details of his homestead construction, including solar and wind power, a rainwater catch system, indoor garden, passive solar, and a composting toilet.

Marilou is the “quality control officer.” Jack believes that old saying, “If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!” Marilou’s input into all designs gives the woman’s touch which is so often missing on homesteads. Our goal is not to “rough it,” but to use new technologies to live well while living off the the grid.

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